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Office : 19 rue R Descartes F 61270 Rai

Manufacturing of
Chevron solid oak flooring
14/15 or 22/23 mm
new and refurbishing

Only Bespoke chevron manufacturing,
any size of boards

Oak extra quality available
Tronšais forest only

A 5 craftsmen highly professionnal team
The salesman speaks english
Thanks one of our clients : some self explainatory pictures how to glue your chevron oak flooring yourself.
With the 15mm thickness, it is now easy to any carefull amateur to lay a chevron oak flooring.

We deliver anywhere in Europe.

Width of the boards
We can rebuild any size you need... Don't hesitate to ask us for quotation...
Why is our chevron flooring only bespoke made ?
With the help of your floor plan, we will prepare a slab lay-out drawing to help you with the installation.

This will give the best result and avoid bad looking half cut slabs on the side of your rooms.
Naturally the flooring is packed with all boards having references. It will help you to know where to fit all the chevron oak boards.
In this case, you will notice that calculation has been made to fit the fire place. The orientation of boards has been choosen according to the light and length of the room.

For the above floor laying:
Oak chevron boards,
thickness 15mm,
First quality,
Board width 90mm,
Rang width : 45cm.

Tel : +33 (0)2 33 34 57 79

(7j/7 8h-22h)

Fax : +33 (0)9 72 46 97 95

Email :

Office : 19 rue R Descartes F 61270 Rai

MLD sarl au capital de 15 000 euros

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